Asilia TimeLog

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Experience simplified attendance, anywhere, anytime. Revolutionize your workforce management with Asilia TimeLog, the Ultimate Attendance App

Why Asilia TimeLog?

TimeLog can capture location while marking attendance and also allows you to create virtual boundary to ensure that attendance is marked from assigned location only.

TimeLog adding extra layer of security and authenticity to your attendance record by Selfie Attendance feature. Eliminate proxy attendance and ensure accuracy with ease.

TimeLog ensures to provide uninterrupted attendance tracking experience from areas with limited connectivity areas also. Employees can mark their attendance offline and the data will sync automatically once they are back online.

TimeLog has a powerful ‘Leave Management’ feature. Request, authorise, and monitor leaves – whether for vacations, sick days, or personal time – in a seamless manner. Take advantage of effective, paperless leave operations, real-time updates, and streamlined adherence to organisation’s rules.

TimeLog makes it possible to swiftly track staff attendance and working hours and receive insightful information about the efficiency of the workforce. You can make wise decisions and instantly increase employee efficiency with live updates.

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