Asilia ProMentor

Maximize the impact of your organization's training programs with our advanced Training management information system (TMIS), designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Why Asilia ProMentor?

TMIS allows trainers to track the progress of trainees over time. This helps trainers identify areas where trainees are struggling and need additional support or resources.

TMIS provides data on the effectiveness of training programs. This can help organizations evaluate the impact of their training investments.

TMIS can help identify areas where training quality can be improved especially areas where most participants struggled or took time. This includes feedback from trainees, trainers, and other stakeholders. The feedback can be used to make improvements in training content, delivery, and overall effectiveness.

TMIS can help ensure compliance with administrative requirements and industry standards. This includes tracking and reporting on training completion, digitally signed certifications integrated with company logo, and other compliance-related metrics.

TMIS provides valuable data that can be leveraged to support decision-making related to training programs, such as determining which programs are most effective, where to allocate training resources, and which areas require additional training.

Features of Asilia ProMentor

Registrations & logins

  • OTP-based sign up and log in
  • Robust data security
  • Dynamic registration dashboard

Attendance & Online Test

  • Simple interface for capturing attendance
  • Dynamic attendance tracker
  • Seamless online assessment

Dynamic Reports & Monitoring​

  • Real time monitoring
  • Comprehensive visual report with customized insights

Selfie Booth & Certificate

  • Option to capture selfie
  • Simplified online certificate generation


  • Option to learn anytime, anywhere, on any device through virtual training portal

to unlock the power of Asilia ProMentor!